Parent Impact Stories

Students, Families and Individuals Served:

Hours of educational instruction:

Family Feedback Data:

100% of families agreed their child felt supported by the staff
Impact Line
99.1% of families expressed their child experienced a sense of safety belonging
96% of families expressed their child feels more comfortable in social settings
95.16% of the families rated the camp as excellent
88% of families expressed their child is more aware of, and appreciative of, other cultures

"This camp has been absolutely amazing- what a gem! My daughter has gotten to try new experiences that she never would have without this camp: going to farms and learning about crops and healthy food, going on a boat and learning about ocean health and marine biology, making sushi, going to a reptile farm, and lots of outdoor activities and learning about preserving the environment. Great for middle school age kids!"

-Parent, Thrive Outside summer camp

"I loved that the staff was very hands on and everyday they had some very enjoyable and engaging activities which gave my son very great memories and fun experiences. Even the field trips were super sun and informative!"

-Parent, Outdoor Nature Experiences summer camp.

"My child has come home excited about the work they are doing. They struggle with reading/writing so it's great to see them excited about it."

-Parent, It's LIT! summer camp.

"My child is a very picky eater & the camp has given him opportunities to try foods he would never try before.
This program really helped him w/ his social anxiety. He has enjoyed the friendships he created at camp & appreciates
the staff!"

-Parent, Thrive Outside camp.

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